Acquisition of personal information using cookies

This site may send cookies to visitors’ computers.
Cookie (cookie) is a mechanism that saves the usage history and input contents sent and received between the browser and the server as files on the visitor’s computer when using the website.

Purpose of use

This is to improve the convenience for visitors when browsing this site.
For example, the next time you visit the same page, the cookie information can be used by the page operator to change the display for each visitor.
For example, if you are using a certain site and the screen for entering the login password is displayed for the first time, you are able to access it without displaying the login screen after the second time. It is due to cookies.
If the visitor allows the sending and receiving of cookies in the browser settings, the website can obtain the cookie key from the visitor’s browser.
The visitor’s browser sends only cookies sent and received by the website server for privacy protection.

About retention period

Cookies for comments left on this site are stored for one year.

Suspension of advertisement distribution such as cookie information to third parties

The visitor accesses the opt-out (stop providing personal information to a third party) page provided on the website of the third party, and advertisements such as cookie information by the third party. You can stop using it for distribution.

Permission / Rejection of Cookie Information Transmission / Reception

Visitors can select the settings for sending and receiving cookies from “Allow all cookies”, “Deny all cookies”, “Notify users when cookies are received”, etc. The setting method varies depending on the browser. For details on how to set cookies, see the “Help” menu of your browser.
Please note that if you select the setting to reject all cookies, you may be restricted from using various services on the Internet, such as not being able to receive services that require authentication.

This site uses Google’s access analysis tool “Google Analytics”.

  • This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect access information. This access information is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable.
  • Google Analytics cookies are retained for 26 months (depending on individual Google Analytics settings). This function can refuse collection by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings.
  • Click the link below for Google Analytics terms of service.
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