We reach out to franchisers and franchisees to help take the business model to greater success.

Build franchiser’s headquarters system

Draw up franchise contract, create franchise headquarters’ scheme

M’s Planning’s proven expertise means sure-fire proposals for taking franchise growth to the next level.

Promote the business to potential franchisees

Low-risk, stable businesses for franchisees

Whatever the reason for wanting to start a franchise—diversify business, gain independence—people often need guidance from the very beginning.
M’s Planning uses its vast experience in a wide range of business sectors to provide proposals that match customers’ business format and market environment.

M’s Planning solutions

  • Store formats and locations for success
    • We help find new store locations by analyzing geographical business areas.
  • Store creation that matches the business and geographical location
    • We help with store design and construction, including floor plans, interior and exterior design, fixtures and equipment layout, and signs and POPs. Plus, we oversee the entire project.
  • Effective, efficient marketing plan
    • Our marketing plan advice includes determining the optimal operation method based on an analysis of current market trends and business format.