International business proposals

In Japan’s mature market, it is increasingly harder for domestic entities to come up with new and attractive business formats. In other countries, meanwhile, out-of-the-box thinking and fresh enthusiasm are fostering unique businesses.
M’s Planning searches the world for entrepreneurs and businesses that can partner with Japanese companies for success in the Japanese market.

● Foreign brands to Japan

There are many attractive brands around the world that would be a sure success in Japan.
We help our clients bring these cutting-edge brands to the Japanese market.

●Japanese brands for the world

Japanese brands enjoy a superb reputation globally, and many companies around the world would like to bring these brands to their own market.
M’s Planning helps propel these brands to international growth.

Store design and construction

Comprehensive supervision of store design, layout, and construction

We have the range of expertise to take your concept all the way from store design to grand opening.
We’ll introduce you to the experts—the architects, designers, and contractors who will design the store and its equipment—while along the way helping you create a business logo, product list or menu, sales promotional tools, uniforms, and more. Note: M’s Planning is a certified store production/store design and construction contractor certified by the Osaka Prefectural Governor (license number: (Special -30) No. 125397).

Environment and energy saving

All you need for an energy-efficient store—
Electricity savings through solar power, heat-reflective paint, and LEDs

Solar power generation systems you can trust

Kyocera—the solar industry leader Passport, Ltd.—Kyocera’s No. 1 solar distributor in Japan

Solar power is a long-term investment, so you need partners you can trust. M’s Planning has teamed up with Passport, Ltd., Japan’s No. 1 provider of solar solutions from Kyocera, the leader in integrated solar power systems.

Value, performance, and peace of mind

Passport, Ltd. bundles purchases of solar power modules from Kyocera, allowing it to provide small-scale power systems with a cost-performance rivaling that of mega-solar installations.
No other provider can match Passport, Ltd.’s value and quality for solar power—or its proven track record of installations throughout Japan.
M’s Planning offers its customers complete solar solutions that put solar modules from Kyocera, the commercial solar power leader, into finished installations that include everything from the system mountings to the remote monitoring system that users can view from a tablet or smartphone. All systems come with Kyocera’s 20-year warranty and Passport, Ltd.’s free-of-charge disaster insurance.

20-year warranty ‘Premier Package’ with extra disaster insurance

Kyocera’s high quality, long-term reliability, and 20-year output warranty add up to long-term peace of mind for users. Of the solar power system’s total output capacity, Kyocera’s warranty guarantees 90% of output for 10 years and 80% for 20 years.
This means that if the system’s actual output falls below these percentages during the warranty period, users receive the necessary repair or parts replacement, or replacement of the system with a similar model.
Passport, Ltd. also offers insurance for problems not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, such as fire and other accidents. It’s free of charge for systems that Passport, Ltd. installs.

M’s Planning helps provide emergency back-up power

In March 2017, M’s Planning joined a regional project for the eco-friendly provision of emergency electricity using Kyocera 50-kw low-voltage solar power systems.

The project, managed by the municipality of Tome in Miyagi Prefecture, uses Kyocera solar power systems to provide electricity during blackouts caused by earthquakes, typhoons, and other disasters.

This brings residents not just much-needed electricity, but also peace of mind knowing that they’re covered in times of disaster.

Adgreencoat heat-reflective paint saves energy

M’s Planning provides Adgreencoat heat-reflective paint. Simply apply it to the roof and exterior walls to cool down the inside temperature of an entire building. The result is less strain on air conditioning and lower electricity bills.